Installing Python

Recommended: Running Python on local machine

Install Anaconda with Python 3.7.

Follow up installation instructions and start Juniper Notebook from Anaconda settings.

Alternative: Running Python in the Web

Go to CSC Notebooks and login with your HAKA credidentials.

Create an instance of "Course Introduction to Python (self-study)" and a notebook there. Remember to always save your changes to a local machine: the files in CSC will be destroyed within five hours.

See the video tutorial for using Jupyter in the CSC environment, including how to download and upload your code.

Brief introduction to Jupyter Notebook

We're using Juniper Notebook. it is not the only editor available for programming, but it is convinent and allows data exploration - and fairly popular among scientists.

Code is written in cells:

Then you can execute the selected cell using the play button (or, if needed, stop execution using the stop button):

You can distribute your code to as many cells as you want, but I recommend that you try to always contain one exercise within one cell.


A brief introduction how to set up a Jupyter Notebook using Anaconda and how to write new code blocks.